Bite-Size Series: Paperback Lessons 1 – 16
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Our Bite-Size series is now available in Print, full colour, and includes audio with each book.

Moosicology is Music education filled with fun for children ages  0-7, teaching Music theory through the Moosicology method.

Moosicology is the first and only home education method that teaches children real music skills through specifically designed songs, stories and colourful characters.

Moosicology makes learning fun!


* Lesson One:  Introduction to notes

* Lesson Two: Time Signature,

* Lesson Three: The 4/4 Time,

* Lesson Four: The Common Time: Playing the 4/4 Beat,

* Lesson Five: The 3/4 Time,

* Lesson Six: Note Value,

* Lesson Seven: Backbeat,

* Lesson Eight: Syncopation,

* Lesson Nine: Shuffle Note,

* Lesson Ten: Minor Scale,

* Lesson Eleven: Major Scale,

* Lesson Twelve: Major and Minor Key,

* Lesson Thirteen: Melody, Harmony and Chord,

* Lesson Fourteen: Circle of Fifths,

* Lesson Fifteen: Extended Chords,

* Lesson 16: Slow and Fast Tempo

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Books 1 - 16

Book One, Book Two, Book Three, Book Four, Book Five, Book Six, Book Seven, Book Eight, Book Nine, Book Ten, Book Eleven, Book Twelve, Book Thirteen, Book Fourteen, Book Fifteen, Book Sixteen


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