Attention Parents of Children aged 0-7: Did you know the scientifically proven way to unlock your child’s full potential? (Please scroll down)

All the scientists say…

that learning to play music can increase a child’s IQ. That’s why music – and Moosicology – should be a top priority in young children’s education. All my lot are benefitting, and it’s putting smiles on their faces too. The Moosicology method tackles all the basics in an engaging way, the songs are infectious.”

Alex James, Blur, Father of five children

“Benny seems to love listening to Moosicology

and if it’s benefiting his development then it’s a great product in my eyes. As a busy working Mum the convenience of Moosicology means it’s ideal for us, I can play the CDs in the car and Benny can enjoy it while we are on the go.”

– Nicky Hambleton-Jones, TV presenter, Mother of Benny, aged 3

“Pretty great all round with lots of value in it.

Teaching about rhythm has been excellent,my daughter is now clapping to beats in all music as a result of Moosicology and as she finds the right rhythm she’s delighted with herself. The song “the cows are singing moo moo moo” is a MASSIVE hit, so much so she found, for the first time, the repeat button on the CD player and when it’s on it’s on for around an hour at a time! Learning how to enjoy music on another level has been a revelation for my daughter and Moosicology ‘unpacks’ music at a good level for her age group. I would recommend it to anyone asking me about engaging children with music (which parents do knowing my own job).”

-Paula Hearsum, Mother of a 4-year old, Senior Lecturer (Music), University of Brighton, UK

“Moosicology is awesome.

It’s far more advanced than I had anticipated and it has meant that my husband can got something he can really get involved with Lara with as it refreshed his interest in music theory. It is so much more than just ‘fun music for kids’.””

– Emma Button,, Mother of Lara

Update a year later: “Maya got a certificate for excellent rhythm in her music class – the only child to get one –

and she told the teachers it was because she learned it from Moosicology! It’s motivated her to do more than just play around on the piano at home now and she’s keen to have lessons – not bad as she’s only just turned five!”

-Paula Hearsum, Senior Lecturer (Music), University of Brighton, UK



 If you’re like most parents, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your child flourish and become the best they can be.

And in today’s competitive environment, investing in your child’s full development is no longer a luxury: it is a necessity.

Thankfully, nurturing your child’s potential can be a journey filled with joy.

All children love music. And the past two decades of scientific studies show that it’s the early learning of music skills that boosts all areas of your child’s brain – more than any other activity. 

Enter Moosicology: a unique, neuroscience-based method that teaches real music skills to your child – through music.

The Complete Moosicology Package is the first and only home education package that teaches your child aged 0-7 real music skills through specifically designed songs, stories and colourful pictures. 

Moosicology teaches real skills that help maximize your child’s potential

With the Moosicology Package, your child learns crucial music skills the fun way.

Children who learn these skills are shown to:

* Become more intelligent and gain an increase in IQ

* Learn to read better and faster than children without music learning and develop better language skills

* Develop better skills in mathematics than children without music skills

* Enjoy better emotional and social wellbeing (a happier child with less tantrums!)

With Moosicology, even a baby and toddler, who is too small to even hold an instrument, can now learn serious music skills the fun way. Because the earlier you start, the bigger the benefits.

Delight your child with the gift of early music learning

At Moosicology, we are passionate about making the study of music accessible for all children. A smarter and happier generation means a better future for us all.

The cheapest non-educational sing-along group prices start from £250 a year and they do not teach your child core music skills. And private instrument lessons require a minimum investment of £1200 a year.

Whilst instrument lessons are great, it is not always easy to find the right music teacher,the transport time and the motivation to practice. With Moosicology, your child can develop crucial music skills in a way that fosters a life-long love of learning and start before they’re even old enough to hold an instrument! 

Your child can keep learning from the Complete Moosicology Package for years, with the price of just one private music lesson  – and the benefits are for life.

See your child develop with your own eyes (and ears!)

Moosicology is the ultimate child-friendly and family-friendly educational tool. It adapts to your child’s age, teaching real music skills to babies, toddlers and children under 8 alike. This is the most crucial age for brain development.

* No previous musical experience? No problem! The Moosicology Package does all the teaching for your child – and if you’ve never studied music yourself, you can learn it too!

* Your child learns real music skills that are scientifically linked to better literacy, numeracy, intelligence and wellbeing

* Fun to use: the colourful characters and catchy songs entertain your child while educating

* Easy to use: works without parental assistance and you can easily engage with your child through Moosicology’s entertaining lessons even without a previous music background

* Ultimate flexibility: use it at the times of your choice. Now you can fit music learning to the busiest family schedule

* It’s the first and only music education package that teaches real music skills through specifically designed songs, stories and colourful pictures

* Praised by education experts worldwide and produced by professional musicians and artists, it’s entertaining and educational for the whole family

Learning lasts for years and the benefits are for life

Your child can use the extensive Moosicology package for years. The core music skills that Moosicology teaches are at the heart of early learning.

They are skills that need to be repeated to master and even professional musicians rely on them on a daily basis.

Moosicology’s entertainment makes the repetitive learning something your child can treasure, not endure!

homesmall1Take action now to boost your child’s brain

With Moosicology, you get an entertainment package of real music learning that you can use at times that best suit your family’s schedule.

More importantly, you get a package that teaches music through the love of music. Because a strict and regimented study of music is the fastest way to kill your child’s love of music and natural creativity. All children love music and we make sure your child loves the learning of music too!

With Moosicology, you get audio tacks that contain the educational entertainment of 64 specifically designed pioneering tracks that teach music through music! Our songs are integrated into an extensive children’s educational digital book (or Print) that contains the words and lyrics to all the songs and stories as well as 35+ colourful learning aids that help your child master the concepts as well as core music reading skills. You also get a Grown-Up’s Guide for tips to engage with your child through the fun learning of music even if you don’t have a musical background. But remember, Moosicology works even without parental assistance.

homesmall2With The Complete Moosicology Package 1 – 4, you can give your child the gift of music learning for the same as the cost as 4 private, 1/2 hour music lessons! Simply click here to order the Complete Moosicology Package  

P.s. Don’t forget, the earlier your child starts, the bigger the benefits. Moosicology adjusts to your child’s age and gives even babies and toddlers a real chance to develop their musicality through the love of music. It is suitable for all children aged 0-7.

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