The Method

Musical skills can be complex to learn. The unique Moosicology method makes them easy and fun for your child to grasp. Here’s how our method is scientifically designed to teach your child the most effective way possible, even without any parental assistance.

* Specifically designed songs.

Research shows that preschoolers who learn through songs show a significant IQ increase of 10-20 points over children who do not learn through songs. (For reference, see “Music Enhances Learning”, Campabello et al, 2002). Moosicology’s 32 songs (among its 64 tracks) are the first and only specifically composed songs that teach your child real music skills from rhythm and melody to notation.

* Targeted learning aids.

The strong colours of Moosicology’s learning aids are suitable and appealing to even babies. Your child learns music reading and musical understanding from our colourful characters that feature in the songs and the corresponding learning aids. Children love illustrations so we have made all our learning aids into engaging illustrations that teach.

* Multisensory learning.

You may have heard that there are three types of learning: auditory (listening), visual (seeing) and kinesthetic (moving and doing). Research shows that children learn best when they learn in all three ways. Moosicology’s provides learning through listening, visual acuity and kinestheticly. Our extensive 35+ colourful learning aids help your child learn the visual way. And our activation tracks, unique to the Moosicology method, help your child move, clap and hum to music. 

* Motivation.

One of the main problems in early music learning is the music practice that requires a lot of patience and motivation from the child. Moosicology motivates your child for music learning – and now even a baby or toddler can gain real music skills the fun way.

* Fun.

Children learn best through fun and play. With Moosicology, no pushy parenting is needed to teach your child real musical skills. All children love music and the learning of music has never been more fun.

Moosicology is even more than scientifically designed – it is also the most affordable and entertaining music learning package available. Developed by Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay, author of The Music Miracle: The Scientific Secret to Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential, it brings the latest research into practice to help your child be the best they can be. Don’t let your child miss out on the gift of music. Click here to order your child the gift of music learning today.