The Music Miracle: The Scientific Secret to Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential. Moosicology Founder Liisa’s Book Out Now
Tuesday, 03 December, 2013 12:13
Moosicology is pleased to announce the arrival of a new parenting book, The Music Miracle: The Scientific Secret to Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential.
Written by Moosicology Founder Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay, the book brings the science of music from the academic communities to the family households, answering many burning questions, such as:

*What makes my child more intelligent?

*Why are some children more successful at school than others?

*How can I help my baby develop?

*How can I temper those temper tantrums?

*How can I help my child make the most of their immense potential, when there are so many possible activities, yet so little time?


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“Never before have I seen such a comprehensive and in-depth review of the 
neuroscientific and psychological basis of the effects of music on young 
children. Parents and many others will be anxious to read it because of its 
very important message. Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay has blazed an important and 
pioneering trail for others to follow, and I wish this book every success.” 

Professor of Education, Psychologist FBPsS David J. Hargreaves, University of Roehampton 

“I am pleased to commend this is a very positive contribution to the public awareness of the power of music to transform children’s lives. Every child is musical. By encouraging their children to make the most of their innate musical potential, parents can support much wider cognitive, emotional and social development as their children grow. Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay’s narrative is engaging and full of rich personal anecdote, as well as a synthesis of key research findings and useful examples for parents of how music can be used successfully to nurture and strengthen children’s development.” 

Professor Graham Welch, Institute of Education, University of London 

“Henriksson-Macaulay’s book bursts with enthusiasm and a fantastic array of knowledge and suggested approaches for fostering the musical development of children. Her commitment to this cause never flounders. I applaud her.” 

Lucy Green, Professor of Music Education, University of London


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