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Children's Music Training product image

Moosicology – Digital Music training Packages  1 – 4


  • Four Digital Interactive Educational training packages with full Audio tracks integrated ( 32 songs, 16 stories, 16 activation tracks).
  • A children’s e-book with 35+ learning aids,  Audio tracks of songs, lyrics and words to stories and activation tracks.
  • The Grown-Up’s Guide with guidance to support your child’s musical development and lesson-by-lesson tips to play musical games with your child.

Moosicology lesson topics include these core music skills:

  • notation and note value
  • introduction to music reading
  • playing different rhythms and time signatures
  • recognizing musical concepts
  • singing musical concepts
  • clapping and moving to musical concepts
  • scales and keys
  • melody and chord structures
  • listening skills
  • syncopation
  • backbeat
  • shuffle note
  • …and more…

Download now and gain serious music skills the fun way!

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