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MethodWhat is it?Can you use it anytime and anywhere to suit your family schedule?Is parental assistance needed?Does your child learn music skills?Is it entertaining for your child?Does it adapt to your child’s individual needs?How much does it cost?
MoosicologyThe first and only home education series that teaches music skills and  theory to 0-7 year oldsYesNoYesYesYes

£10 £207

Full Serries Lasting your Child from 0- 7 years old

Suzuki &

Kodaly Music


Weekly groups for children where they learn music     skills and theory (Not available in many areas)NoYesYesYesNo

£450 – £600


Yearly average 30 Mins Classes




Weekly private lessons in     the instrument of  your       child’s choiceNoYesYesCan BeYes£1100 – £2500


Yearly average 30 Mins Classes

‘Music with

Mummy’ /

‘Baby Music


Weekly social groups for Mothers and their  Babies/Pre-Schoolers to    sing songs togetherNoYesMaybeYesNo£300 – £500


Yearly average 30 Mins Classes



* Private music lessons are a great way to teach your child music skills via a specific instrument, but most children face challenges when taking up instrument study. Moosicology is perfect for teaching your child skills such as music reading, rhythm and listening skills that help them master their instrument. Moosicology is also a great tool to motivate your child to persevere with instrument practice. And Moosicology teaches these skills to even babies and toddlers who are too small to even hold an instrument.


** Music classes for babies can be a wonderful social introduction to music. However, Moosicology takes this a step further: with Moosicology, babies and toddlers learn specific music skills such as different rhythms, listening skills, music notation. These skills are scientifically linked to all the amazing brain benefits from better learning skills to better emotional wellbeing.