What’s Your Kind of Party? Moosicology’s Top Tips for Tailoring a Fest

Inspired by our current competition on Mumsnet, in which you can win a party tailored to your child’s interests, here are just some of the many alternatives you might want to consider for giving your child the party to remember…without breaking the budget!

Tea Party in the Fairy Forest

Transform a children's party venue into a fairy forest

Transform the party venue – even your living room – into a fairy forest with a grass mat and toad stool chairs!

Transform the venue into a Fairy Forest with an artificial grass mat and a toadstool or two – yes, we mean real toad stools you can actually sit on! Imagine a game of musical chairs being played on these beautiful mushroom stools and then sitting down to enjoy some tea and mushroom-shaped cherry and vanilla flavoured fairy cakes.

Complement the magical view with flower-shaped fairy lights, such as these cheap but highly rated ones from Amazon.co.uk and a game of fairy dress-up, with sitting down to enjoy the magical story on the Moosicology about the three one-note birds that teamed up to sing a chord together.

Fairy Party Game Favourite: Fairy Wand Wishing and Fishing

Girl waving magic wand in woods.

What treasures may the fairies manifest with their magic wishing wands…

Known as the ‘Fishing Game’, in this version we set up a beautiful, big cloth that prevents the children from seeing the adult behind it – with the difference that instead of a ‘fishing rod’, one child at a time uses a long magic fairy wand to reach their fairy basket behind the ‘curtain’. What treasures may they find… One great suggestion is these cute plastic cats of which you can get 12 for £2.50 or 24 for a fiver, enough to make sure each child gets their own magical pet to take home.

The advantage with these cat toys is that they last for years after the party had ended, unlike most of the standard party bag fillers which often are broken by the end of next day. Us at Moosicology are big on children’s products that last for years, and we designed the content of the Moosicology Package with that in mind. However, there’s no harm in indulging occasionally, and for a more standard fairy surprise from the fishing game these £0.20 magic wands certainly provide a bit of glittery glamour.

All Pirates Aboard!


Arrr these pirates tough enough to pass the True Pirate Test below?

Costumes are a must for the pirate party, starting from simple eye patches and swords (inflatable to ensure safety for little ones) to full-blown pirate outfits, such as this pirate costume for just £5.60 for a toddler or this one for £7.20 for a bigger boy or £8.49 for a groovy girl pirate. An inflatable £1 parrot on the shoulder brings additional colour to the game. You can even put this inflatable parrot perching on a chair (just like it perches on the shoulder), with each pirate taking one turn at a time in trying to push it over with an inflatable sword. How many hits can the poor parrot take before it falls on the floor? That game is a bit naughty, but then again, so are pirates!

If the aspiring pirates are old enough – like school age (and parental judgement is good to use in this case) you can add some thriller-like aspects by putting this £6.99 skeleton poster up behind a door that doesn’t need entering for the duration of a party – such as a second toilet or even a cleaning cupboard. Make sure to build up the suspense in ‘someone’s playing a game of hide and seek, I wonder if we can find the special honourary guest of this old pirate ship’. Once the skeleton is found, you can play pin-the-bow and try and flesh out the skinny guy into something  more presentable.

To end with the ship sailing into the night, provided that the pirate party is still going when the sun is setting, you can light up a bunch of white lanterns in the garden and set them up into the sky, and (depending on whether they float bear-horizontally in the wind or instead shoot up vertically up in the air) watch the city lights that are left behind or observe the shooting stars flying up in the sky. Now we’re on the sea, and the 3/4 time song ‘Like a Boat on the Sea’ from Moosicology  is a sure non-shore favourite for pirates to swing along to whilst practicing the waltzy feel of this slightly less common time signature.

Pirate Party Game Favourite: The True Pirate Test of Terrible Toughness

Aside the usual Treasure Hunt, what follows is a real tough test of trueness for any aspiring pirate! In this game, one contender at a time puts on an eye patch on each eye, so that they do NOT see when they have to stick their hand in a pirate treasure chest full of sea snakes, rattling bones and seaweed, while trying to grip the golden coins! There’s no need to worry though, as the sea snakes are actually gummy worms and the rattling bones are just lookalike sweets… but the green jelly masquerading as seaweed may just be the worst one to stick your hand into! Yuck! (Better have those wet wipes ready.)

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