Moo’s Bite-Size – eBook Collection 1 – 16

New Release!     

Moosicology is proud to announce that our lessons will be available in digital format & will be on sale exclusively at Amazon Kindle books until 22nd December  & thereafter on all platforms;  Apple books & of course directly from our store here!

A series of 16 interactive lessons brought to life in full colour with full audio interaction, whereby the stories are read aloud, and the songs are sung.

Moosicology Educational Books 1 -16 are tailor made for Babies & children aged 0-7 real music skills through specifically designed songs, stories and colourful pictures. 

Also included with each Educational Book is:

“The Grown Up’s Guide”

The Grown-Up’s Guide to Moosicology is a treasure chest of ideas on how you can bond with your child through the learning of music. The Guide also tells you how to best support your child’s individual development.

Moosicology adjusts to your family’s lifestyle and your child can use it with or without parental assistance –

the choice is yours!

Moosicology’s musicology lessons includes: 

Music Educational Book One: Introduction to notes, 

Music Educational Book Two: Time Signature,  

Music Educational Book  Three: The 4/4 Time, 

Music Educational Book Four: The Common Time: Playing the 4/4 Beat,

Music Educational Book Five: The 3/4 Time, 

Music Educational Book  Six: Note Value, 

Music Educational Book Seven: Backbeat, 

Music Educational Book Eight: Syncopation,

Music Educational Book Nine: Shuffle Note,  

Music Educational Book Ten: Minor Scale, 

Music Educational Book Eleven: Major Scale, 

Music Educational Book Twelve: Major and Minor Key,

Music Educational Book Thirteen: Melody, Harmony and Chord, 

Music Educational Book Fourteen: Circle of Fifths, 

Music Educational Book Fifteen: Extended Chords, 

Music Educational Book 16: Slow and Fast Tempo

Enjoy Making Music With The Whole Family!