Moo’s Bite-Size Collection 1 – 16

New Release!  

Moosicology is proud to announce that our New Bite-Size Series is now available on sale in digital format on the Apple Book Store and on Amazon Kindle.

The Bite-Size Series is a series of 16 interactive lessons brought to life in full colour with audio included that are tailor-made for ages 0-7 with real music skills to learn through specially designed songs, stories, and pictures. 


 Each lesson includes:

“The Grown-Up’s Guide”

The Grown-Up’s Guide to Moosicology is a treasure chest full of ideas on how you can bond with your child through the learning of music, and best support your child’s development.


Moosicology’s Bite-Size Series Includes:

Book One: Introduction to notes, 

Book Two: Time Signature,  

Book  Three: The 4/4 Time, 

Book Four: The Common Time: Playing the 4/4 Beat,

Book Five: The 3/4 Time, 

Book  Six: Note Value, 

Book Seven: Backbeat, 

Book Eight: Syncopation,

Book Nine: Shuffle Note,  

Book Ten: Minor Scale, 

Book Eleven: Major Scale, 

Book Twelve: Major and Minor Key,

Book Thirteen: Melody, Harmony and Chord, 

Book Fourteen: Circle of Fifths, 

Book Fifteen: Extended Chords, 

Book 16: Slow and Fast Tempo

Enjoy Making Music With The Whole Family!

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