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Genuine Parent and Professor testimonials, proving that Moosicology really does work to help your child learn the science of music

“Concepts are introduced in a fun and interesting way.

Seems to catch my son’s attention and he likes the songs and stories. At a young age, children need to be encouraged to explore and to be enticed by things, not to be taught to. Moosicology sparks interest which is critical at this age. It is sometimes difficult to find music that is age-appropriate and not preachy or simpering for children. Moosicology’s songs and stories engage and intrigue and are aimed nicely at young children.”

“It provides fun and catchy tunes for parents and children to appreciate together

and takes the musical understanding several steps further for both. The songs are indeed “singable” and catchy. I also like the natural adult vocals (as I find many children’s CDs featuring children’s choirs for example sadly annoying). Moosicology made both me and my Son happy. The dog even ran over and started barking in response to the “Funny Monster” section!”

“The design is easy to follow.

The organisation is very systematic that each concept of music theory is presented in the same order. The music clearly demonstrates each musical concept. It is creative to integrate stories and songs to engage children’s attention. It fits children’s level of understanding and conveys basic principles underneath each musical concept. I think it is well designed and the singing and the stories are matched to the children’s level. The CD is fun to listen to and good material for parents to interact with their children at home.”

“The first time we played the CD

we had to stop it to take a phone call, and, not knowing for sure whether the kids were enjoying hearing the CD, we asked them if they’d like us to turn it back on, and they unanimously, and loudly, shouted for us to do so. They seem particularly to like the songs, and were almost instantly able to repeat them, words, melody and all. Now, on the one hand, both kids seem somewhat musically inclined. Our daughter has been taking piano lessons for three years, and our son took guitar for a year, but seems to have lost interest. That said, they’re somewhat picky, and will tell you when they don’t like something, and it’s only the things that they quite like that they’ll sing themselves.”