Give Your Child a Free Educational CD
Friday, 26 August, 2016 05:52


Just pay postage! FOR AGES 0-7

A gift from you to your child, a gift from us to you.

Get an educational Moosicology CD completely for free – just pay postage! Available for a limited time only, so please make sure to grab yours now.

No previous musical experience needed – just press the 'play' button.

Loved by children, parents and education experts alike, Moosicology teaches brain-boosting music skills to children aged 0-7 through fun songs and stories.

Order your CD now and experience the Moosicology difference for yourself and your child.



All the scientists say that learning to play music can increase a child's IQ. That's why music – and Moosicology – should be a top priority in young children's education. All my lot are benefitting, and it's putting smiles on their faces too. The Moosicology method tackles all the basics in an engaging way, the songs are infectious.'

Alex James, Blur, father of five children

Moosicology provides fun and catchy tunes for parents and children to appreciate together and takes the musical understanding several steps further for both. Moosicology made both me and my Son happy.

Jennifer Milioto Matsue, Mother of a 3-year old, Associate Professor of Music at Union College, NY, USA

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